Program Guidelines for Ph.D. degree in Public Health

Length of study

Depending on each student’s input, the length of study could vary from 3 to 8 years.

Study track

Global Public Health for international students


Students need 30 credits to graduate. Among them, 18 credits come from course work, 12 credits will come from dissertation work.

Please see course schedule for details. [# = Required courses; * = Class offered every two years, check for availability]

Semester 1.1

  • Seminar in public health I (3085E109)#
  • Research methods for social and behavioral science (3085E085)#
  • Occupational and environmental health (3080E194)
  • Applied statistics (A054E001)#*

Semester 1.2

  • Seminar in public health II (3085E075)#
  • Research planning and design (3085E058)#
  • Special topics in global public health I (3085E111) #
  • Analysis of multivariate data (3085E088)#
  • Special topics in health policy and behavioral science I (3085E104)
  • Applied epidemiology#*

Semester 2.1

  • Seminar in public health III (3085E087)#
  • Individual studies (30850071)#
  • Special topics in global public health II (3085E112) #
  • Environmental and occupational epidemiology (3080E048)*
  • Special topics in health policy and behavioral science II (3085E105)

Semester 2.2

  • Seminar in public health IV (3085E091)#
  • Consultation of public health practice (30850017)#
  • Dissertation (30850021)#


Dissertation advisor

  1. Need to have a dissertation advisor before the end of the first year.
  2. Qualification of dissertation advisor. All of the following must apply.
    1. The advisor should be a full-time faculty in SPH.
    2. The advisor should have published original research articles in SCI or SSCI journals within the past three years as a first author or as a corresponding author.
    3. The advisor should have been a principle investigator in a research project within the past three years.
    4. The advisor must not have a ph.d. student who has been enrolled in SPH Ph.D. program for more than 7 years.
  3. In situations when a student wishes to replace his/her dissertation advisor with someone else, formal request needs to be submitted to department administrators for evaluation.

Ph. D. qualifier

  1. Students are eligible to become a Ph.D. candidate after passing the qualifier examination.
  2. Students have two tries to pass the examination.
  3. Students can start taking the qualifiers after first year and have to pass the qualifier before the end of the third year.
  4. Students failed to complete the qualifier twice will be expelled from the Ph.D. program.
  5. Students wish to take the qualifier examination in that semester should submit their applications within the first week of that semester.
  6. Topic: research methods, and global public health.

Proposal defense

  1. Proposal defense needs to be completed before the end of the fourth year of study.
  2. Students have two tries to pass the proposal defense.
  3. Failure to complete proposal defense within the required period will be expelled from the program.

Graduation requirement

(2017 academic year (inclusive) freshmen, according to this clause)
  1. Publish 2 papers in SCI or SSCI journals, or publish 1 paper and Submit 1 article in SCI or SSCI journals.
  2. Publications have to be part of the doctorate dissertation, and the advisor has to be a corresponding author for at least one of the two papers.
  3. To present a paper (oral) in an international conference.
  4. Pass the pre-defense dissertation review prior to oral defense.
  5. Pass the dissertation defense in accordance with university guidelines.
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