Motivation Letter to DKFZ Germany

Since I was in undergraduate level of medical school, I have believed that public health is the key of an effective health system in any country. I chose public health for my master degree with nutrition as my specialization. Presently, I work as Head of Biochemistry and Nutrition Department. When I teach undergraduate medical students with focus on health promotion, I hope they will be doctors who can change the community to have a better health level with lower cost.

If I awarded the scholarship from DKFZ, it would make me get a PhD degree, which allowed me to be an expert lecturer and knowledgeable researcher. My knowledge and skills are suitable to help my medical faculty to teach medical students to be doctors that see health promotion and nutrition issues are significant factors in increasing overall health level. Indonesia still needs a lot of medical doctors with good knowledge and skills on public health so they can work synergistically with other health workers.

My thesis for master degree was on elderly population (>60 years old). Their population is growing rapidly in Indonesia. Prevention of non-communicable diseases (including cancer) become essential to keep a good quality of life of Indonesian elderly by risk factor identification and early treatment. There is limited number of study on Indonesian elderly concerning relationship between nutritional aspects with non-communicable diseases, including cancer. So, it would be a great advantage for Indonesia if I get the research experiences from DKFZ on relating nutrition with cancer, especially on elderly population.

Division of Cancer Epidemiology provides good opportunity for me. Their key focus is on the quantification of risks of cancer associated with lifestyle, nutrition and metabolism, and immune factors. In addition, they address the question of how lifestyle may interact with genetic susceptibility factors in cancer development, as well as in cancer survival.