The University of Sydney – Research

The University of Sydney is one of the world’s top 45 research universities

Their research is driven by the big picture. Their researchers are finding solutions to the world’s most pressing issues by changing the way they look at them. They take a problem and look at it from all angles, combining the expertise and talents of scholars from many disciplines.

Research areas

Their research covers the spectrum – from linguistics to nanoscience. Their breadth of expertise across their faculties and schools are supported by deep disciplinary knowledge. They have significant capability in more than 20 major areas of research.

Major research areas:

  • Agricultural and veterinary sciences
  • Biological sciences
  • Built environment and design
  • Chemical sciences
  • Commerce, management, tourism and services
  • Creative arts and writing
  • Earth sciences
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental sciences
  • History and archaeology
  • Human society
  • Informational and computing sciences
  • Language, communication and culture
  • Law and legal studies
  • Mathematical sciences
  • Medical and health sciences
  • Philosophy and religious studies
  • Physical sciences
  • Psychology and cognitive sciences
  • Technology

Research centres and institutes

They support collaborative, multidisciplinary research. Their research centres are focused on tackling problems from all angles, addressing major social challenges and specialist interest areas.

Multidisciplinary initiatives

The University of Sydney is home to 10 multidisciplinary initiatives which bring together talented researchers across diverse disciplines to advance teaching and research objectives in a collaborative environment. These initiatives create thought leadership, delivering research excellence and education opportunities in established and developing areas of strength, across all their faculties.

  • The Brain and Mind Centre brings mental health and dementia patients, support groups and frontline carers together with scientists and clinicians to research mental health and neurological diseases.
  • The Marie Bashir Institute researches biosecurity and infectious diseases.
  • The Cancer Research Network links cancer experts to amplify research outcomes.
  • The Charles Perkins Centre tackles some of the greatest health challenges humanity has ever faced: obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and related conditions.
  • The China Studies Centre builds a greater understanding of China, and its impact on Australia and the world.
  • The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre forges an innovative and engaged approach to the Southeast Asia region that reflects its rich diversity and challenging problems.
  • The Sydney Policy Lab creates unique collaborations for lasting policy change. We bring people together to identify solutions to the major challenges of our age – to strengthen our democracy, reduce spiralling inequality and help empower communities to shape their own future.
  • The University of Sydney Nano Institute is taking the field of nanoscience to new levels with combined expertise from across the University’s disciplines and access to purpose-built facilities.
  • The Centre for Translational Data Science drives new and transformational advances in research through the application of data and machine learning technologies.
  • The Sydney Environment Institute draws upon research from a wide range of social science and humanities disciplines to explore how we identify, live, and adapt to climate change.

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Other flagship initiatives

  • Cardiovascular Initiative: Addressing cardiovascular health through multidisciplinary research.
  • Drug Discovery Initiative: Innovative drug discovery to support better health outcomes.
  • John Grill Centre for Project Leadership: Developing effective leadership and practices for those leading major projects.
  • Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics: Advancing cannabinoid-based treatments in mainstream medicine.
  • Mathematical Research Institute: Transforming maths in Australia with research and public outreach.
  • National Centre for Cultural Competence: Valuing diversity.
  • Planetary Health Platform: Understanding how natural systems support civilisational health.
  • Sydney Food and Nutrition Network: Changing the way we teach, think and learn about food and diets.
  • Sydney Institute of Agriculture: Sustainable food production for a prosperous future.
  • The Matilda Centre: The Matilda Centre delivers research programs to prevent, treat and reduce substance use and mental disorders.
  • The University of Sydney Centre in China: Strengthening research collaboration and mobility between Australia and China.
  • United States Studies Centre: Analysis of American foreign policy, economics, politics and culture.
  • Westmead Applied Research Centre: Embracing innovative research to improve patient and population health.