September 14, 2020

Questionnaire design and application of social science research methods

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TUE 15:10~17:00

Teaching & Research Building, 5F Meeting Room

This course helps doctoral students to learn and practice different types of study designs and skills in social science topics , in order to build up the ability to do research independently.

The content in this class includes: IRB apply, literature review and writing, study design overview, survey research (sampling, measurement, questionnaire design, interview), secondary data analysis, experimental design, focus group, Delphi method, and writing proposals. Students are expected to practice these research skills and apply on their own research.

Individual report 30
Home work 60
Online participation & interaction 10

Trochim WMK, Research Methods Knowledge Base.

  1. Introduction
  2. Research ethics and apply for IRB approval
  3. Literature review and writing introduction
  4. Study design overview
  5. Writing introduction and literature review for proposal:practice
  6. Survey research (1): sampling
  7. Survey research (2): conceptual framework, measurement, validity and reliability
  8. Survey research (3): Questionnaire design
  9. Mid-term report (revise introduction and literature review)
  10. Survey research (4): Secondary data sources and analysis planning
  11. Experimental study design (1)
  12. Experimental study design (2)
  13. Delphi method and focus group
  14. How to write a research proposal (1)
  15. How to write a research proposal (2):practice
  16. Presentation of research proposal (1)
  17. Presentation of research proposal (2)
  18. Term paper submission

cara membuat kuesioner

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