September 15, 2020

Applied Biostatistics

biostatistika terapan kesmas

THU 10:10~12:00

Xing-Chun Building, Computer Lab B

With the thorough exploration on the concepts, principles and indices, this course systematically presents statistical methods including ways of data collection, sampling, as well as statistical analysis and inferences. It is hoped that students may be able to apply what they learn in thier specialty and to apply biostatistics in the research.

1. to understand the role of biostatistics in the medical research process 2. to understand the concept of descriptive statistics 3. to understand the basic methods of statistical inference 4. to apply biostatistics in the medical research

Attendance rate 5
Home work 10
Quiz 10
Mid-term exam 35
Final exam 40

1. Elementary Statistics, A Step by Step Approach. Ninth Edition (2014) by Allan G. Bluman. McGraw-Hill Education. 2. Elementary Statistics, Eighth Edition (2012) by Neil A. Weiss. Pearson Education, Inc. 3. Intro Stats, Third Edition (2009) by Richard D. De Veaux, Paul F. Velleman, and David E. Bock. Pearson Education, Inc. 4. Fundamentals of Biostatistics (2010). Bernard Rosner. 7th Edition. By Wadsworth Publishing Company.

  1. 2020/09/17 Introduction on statistics
  2. 2020/09/24 Data presentation: tables and graphs I
  3. 2020/10/01 (National holiday) Moon Festival
  4. 2020/10/08 Data presentation: tables and graphs II
  5. 2020/10/15 Descriptive Statistics
  6. 2020/10/22 Probability
  7. 2020/10/29 Continuous probability distributions
  8. 2020/11/05 Discrete probability distributions
  9. 2020/11/12 Sampling distributions
  10. 2020/11/19 Mid-term exam
  11. 2020/11/26 Hypothesis testing: one-sample inference I
  12. 2020/12/03 Hypothesis testing: one-sample inference II
  13. 2020/12/10 Hypothesis testing: two-sample inference I
  14. 2020/12/17 Hypothesis testing: two-sample inference II
  15. 2020/12/24 Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
  16. 2020/12/31 Chi-Square test
  17. 2021/01/07 Correlation and Regression
  18. 2021/01/14 Final Exam

biostatistika terapan kesmas

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