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Top 15 Universities in Australia 2019

best australian universities 2023 2024 2025

Top 15 Universities in Australia 2019


If you are looking to study in Australia, then you are going to need a little information about your university options. The best Australian universities are spread across the country. There are 15 top universities in Australia:


1 University of Melbourne
2 Australian National University
3 University of Sydney
4 University of Queensland
5 Monash University
6 University of New South Wales
7 University of Adelaide
8 University of Western Australia
9 University of Newcastle
10 Queensland University of Technology
11 RMIT University
12 Macquarie University
13 Curtin University
14 University of Technology Sydney
15 University of Wollongong


(1) The University of Melbourne is a public research university located in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 1853, it is Australia’s second oldest university and the oldest in Victoria. Melbourne is a sandstone university and a member of the Group of Eight, Universitas 21 and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities. Nine Nobel laureates have been students or faculty, the most of any Australian university.


(2) ANU is an outstanding research university is located in Australia’s capital city. The city boasts an array of excellent museums and institutes to check out. With blisteringly dry heat in the summer and arctic temperatures in the winter, you’ll enjoy this city if you’re looking for friendly people in a country or rural environment.


(3) The University of Sydney (USYD, Sydney or informally Sydney Uni) is an Australian public research university in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 1850, it was Australia’s first university and is regarded as one of the world’s leading universities. The university is colloquially known as one of Australia’s sandstone universities. University of Sydney’s setting is known for Australian icons such as the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, and Bondi Beach.


(4) Nestled along the banks of the Brisbane River, University of Queenland’s beautiful grounds are just a stone’s-throw away from downtown Brisbane, and a short train ride away from the beautiful sandy beaches of the Gold Coast. With a heavy international-student population, the city’s demographic makes for an eclectic mix set in a sub-tropical climate.


(5) Monash University is a public research university based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 1958, it is the second oldest university in the State of Victoria. Monash University in Melbourne is one among Australia’s eight high research institutions. Around 90% of Monash students find employment within 6 months of completing their studies.


best australian universities 2023 2024 2025


(6) UNSW is a world-renowned university located in the heart of Sydney. Given its proximity to Australia’s most money-forward city, this is a great option for students considering interning while studying abroad. In your free time, take advantage of the cultural excursions that allow you to see Sydney like a true local.


(7) The University of Adelaide founded in 1874 is the 3rd oldest university in Australia. It’s also a member of the Group of Eight research-intensive Australian universities. It has also pioneered many of the significant discoveries and achievements of the 20th century. Especially of note are Penicillin and Space Exploration.


(8) The University of Western Australia is in Perth, which is sometimes called the most isolated city in the world, and for good reason; it’s geographically closer to Jakarta, Indonesia, than it is to Sydney. With that said, it’s also one of the most beautiful cities in the country, with great surf and a beautiful CBD, as well as an island just off the coast that was practically built for water sports, weekend parties, and lounging in the Australian sun.


(9) Located just north of Sydney, Newcastle is a small city where you’ll meet authentically Aussie folks and get a real sense for what Australia is truly all about. Hands on experience is the name of the game at University of Newcastle, with over 350 acres of land to get to work on, and a peaceful environment to study in, as well.


(10) Located in Brisbane, the Queensland University of Technology is a public research university. The university in its current form was founded in 1989, when the then Queensland Institute of Technology (QIT) was granted university status by the ‘Queensland University of Technology Act’ passed in 1988 and also by the subsequent merger of Brisbane College of Advanced Education with QUT in 1990.


Extra: Australia Awards Scholarship


(11) RMIT University or Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is the largest institute in Australia in terms of providing higher education. Founded by Francis Ormond in 1887, RMIT began as a night school offering classes in art, science, and technology, in response to the industrial revolution in Australia. It was a private college for more than a hundred years before merging with the Phillip Institute of Technology to become a public university in 1992.


(12) Macquarie University is a public research university based in Sydney, Australia, in the suburb of Macquarie Park. Founded in 1964 by the New South Wales Government, it was the third university to be established in the metropolitan area of Sydney. Established as a verdant university, Macquarie has five faculties, as well as the Macquarie University Hospital and the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, which are located on the university’s main campus in suburban Sydney. The university is the first in Australia to fully align its degree system with the Bologna Accord.


(13) Curtin University (formerly known as Curtin University of Technology and Western Australian Institute of Technology) is an Australian public research university based in Bentley and Perth, Western Australia. It is named after the 14th Prime Minister of Australia, John Curtin. Curtin University is a member of Australian Technology Network (ATN), and is active in research in a range of academic and practical fields.


(14) The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is a public research university located in Sydney, Australia. Although its origins are said to trace back to the 1870s, the university was founded in its current form in 1988. It’s a part of the Australian Technology Network of universities. The student life can be best described as academically motivating and socially chill. There are gyms, bars, clubs and sports societies within the campus itself.


(15) The University of Wollongong (abbreviated as UOW) is an Australian public research university located in the coastal city of Wollongong, New South Wales, approximately 80 kilometres south of Sydney. The University of Wollongong has developed into a multi-campus institution, both domestically and globally. The Wollongong campus, the university’s main campus, is on the original site five kilometres north-west of the city centre.

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