The Melbourne University Graduate Yoga Society is not just about yoga! They aim to help students understand the art of maintaining a healthy life in today’s fast-paced and hectic urban world. Their sessions are based on three key pillars; relaxing music (Kirtan), yoga sessions and engaging seminars focusing on topics related to mind, body, and soul.

They have weekly online events for our members to help you cope and stay positive during your time at home. Their weekly hatha yoga sessions (now held online) help to ease muscle stiffness, strains and alleviate mental stress. The sessions involve yoga postures, breathing and relaxation exercises. Beginners and advanced practitioners are welcome, and the classes are conducted by qualified teachers.

They also provide mantra meditation. In the sessions, we use mantras and sacred chants composed of Sanskrit words to help relieve stress and anxiety. The mantras are sung along to musical accompaniment from instruments like a harmonium (piano-style instrument), clay drum, or hand symbols. This call and response style meditation is called Kirtan, as a lead singer sings mantras and the group then joins along in response. This special meditation lifts the spirit and encourages tranquillity and inner joy, working on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes.

When they’re able to meet in person, they serve vegan food after the meditation, cooked by their volunteers. This is a highlight of their events, when they serve diverse cuisine such as Latino, Italian, Indian, Chinese, and Mediterranean to name a few!

Finally, they regularly have special guests speak on various contemporary topics like global health, environmental issues, and inner peace. You’ll discover the opportunity to access a wealth of information and knowledge which will aid your understanding of body, mind and soul.

Campus life is all about making new friends and sharing, so please come and join them to have some fun with not-so-serious meditation sessions and mantra music! Hope to see you there soon.

melbourne university yoga club member